Our Story


Nidhi has very sensitive skin and she always struggled with skin ailments. She tried countless products and treatments but got no respite. But when she found that the baby care products that she was using on her child contained cancerous chemicals, Nidhi turned to Mother Nature and her offering for the skincare needs of her family. Being a management consultant and strategist, intensive research and problem-solving are second to her nature. Soon, Nidhi started blending formulations using super ingredients of nature that revived her skin and also took care of the entire family’s skincare needs. Her formulations worked like a charm. Everyone was drawn by the effectiveness of the products and Nidhi’s passion for her craft. Her formulations are unique blends that bring together the best of Ayurveda and modern science to resolve skin concerns of today and prepare skin for the challenges of tomorrow. Clinically tested, Ayush approved, with the right PH value, and free from all kinds of harmful chemicals, Orive (or Organic Revive) products are made with high-quality vegan, indigenous, and global ingredients. These are not just skincare products, they are the gateway towards getting healthy skin.

High Performing Potent Products

When Every ingredient we use has an essential benefit. Our products have no fillers, water, or shortcuts! We carefully source and select only the highest quality ingredients from the place of their origin. Every product goes through a stringent user testing before being launched in the market.

We do not make generic products

When We take the time to understand different skin types and the factors that affect them. This is fused with rigorous research in Ayurveda & Modern Science to identify the most effective ingredients and the right blend for the specific needs of each skin type.

Made in small micro batches

We make everything in small micro-batches to ensure unmatched freshness and quality for truly transformative results. We only use COSMOS approved preservatives and safe synthetics.

We empower as we go

We not only empower people with healthy skin, we also empower women from marginal economic background by helping them learn about natural skincare manufacturing and providing them jobs in our manufacturing and packaging process.

We’re good for you and the planet!

We at O’rive are green lifestyle & sustainability enthusiasts. The same ethos is applied to our skincare ideation, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. We also work with Isha Outreach a non-profit organization to support the cause of tree plantation.