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Radiance Ritual – Sandalwood & Almond

A gentle, nourishing, daily deep cleanser for clear and radiant skin. WHY IT WORKS: Almond Oil & Papaya deeply cleanse, nourish & hydrate the skin to reduce breakouts and signs of ageing. Sandalwood and Licorice reduce blemishes & enhance skin complexion. Aleovera hydrates the skin and sugar surfactant due to presence of natural glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) penetrates the skin, removes dead cells and encourages cell turnover, thus generating fresher, younger-looking skin.   ALL INGREDIENT LIST: **Sweet Almond Oil, Licorice Extract, **Aleovera Leaf Extract, **Honey, Papaya Extract, Sandalwood Extract, Natural vitamin E, Sugar-based Surfactant, ***Geogaurd ECT  **Certified Organic  ***Safe Synthetic