Our Story


The key reason behind O’rives existence is
the initial lack of transparent skincare.

Trust & Passion

There are a myriad of skin care products in the market. However, the variance is extreme. We have set out to create something truly exceptional: a passionate, organic and transparent skincare brand.


No fillers, No toxic. Only high-quality
ingredients, that are put together in a meticulously curated blend.


Transparency is our Currency

We condone that everyone must know what goes into their skincare. Knowledge sharing and honesty are the foundation of our relationship with our customers. Thus we disclose every ingredient that goes into a product on its product label.

High Performing Potent Products

Every ingredient we use has an essential benefit. Our products have no fillers, water, or shortcuts! We carefully source and select only the highest quality ingredients from the place of their origin. Every product goes through a stringent user testing before being launched in the market.

We do not make generic products

We take the time to understand different skin types and the factors that affect them. This is fused with rigorous research in Ayurveda & Modern Science to identify the most effective ingredients and the right blend for the specific needs of each skin type.

Made in small micro batches

We make everything in small micro-batches to ensure unmatched freshness and quality for truly transformative results. We only use COSMOS approved preservatives and safe synthetics.

We empower as we go

We not only empower people with healthy skin, we also empower women from marginal economic background by helping them learn about natural skincare manufacturing and providing them jobs in our manufacturing and packaging process.

We’re good for you and the planet!

We at O’rive are green lifestyle & sustainability enthusiasts. The same ethos is applied to our skincare ideation, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. We also work with Isha Outreach a non-profit organization to support the cause of tree plantation.

Our Story – How It Started?

When Nidhi, a young mother, read the fine print of her baby’s skincare bottles, she was taken aback by the presence of harmful chemicals in them. She was also tired of countless dermatologist visits that made empty promises of providing a solution for her skin ailments. 

Reflecting on these challenges, she set out on a mission to make skincare organic and effective. Due to her love for knowledge, she studied the elements of Ayurveda and modern science deeply. She started experimenting with organic ingredients, she formulated body butter that worked like a charm for her son’s moisturization needs. She was also able to rejuvenate her skin. Everyone who met her wanted to get in on her secret.

She then took the time to understand others’ skin concerns and put together unique formulas. She went beyond the traditional home remedies and ensured that each product was backed by research and science.
Everyone was drawn by the effectiveness of the products and Nidhi’s passion for her craft. Needless to say, they kept coming back for more and have never looked back!

In 2021, Nidhi established O’rive that is based on the mantra of ‘Organic Revive‘.  As a firm, it aims to provide organic, clean, safe, and effective skincare solutions. Nidhi is also a globally certified skin care formulator. This ensures that all products have been made using industry best practices and standardized procedures.