How can we contact you?

You can write to us at [email protected]


How to place an order?

To place an order, Browse through our products and add them to cart and check it out using your preferred payment methods.


How to track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, You will receive the tracking details on your registered email and phone number. If you want to check the status of your order, please use the tracking number included in your shipping confirmation email. You can also log in to your O’rive account to track information.


What is your return policy?

We provide detailed information of all of our products regarding ingredients and suitability for a skin type. We recommend reading the details carefully before buying a product. We would not be able to return or refund for any product other than if received damaged. We have a 100% exchange policy for products received damaged. Please report any damages to us by email at [email protected] and we will work with you for the exchange.


Can I exchange a purchased product?

Please read the above response.


How can I find out my skin type?

We understand each skin is different and require different care, thus we have designed a quick quiz that can help you get a generic understanding of your skin type. Please take the quiz here – Know Your Skin type. Also of product details have information on which skin type it suits best. Please read the product information before selecting a product for you.


Do you ship your products internationally?

We only ship in India.


What are the modes of shipping the products?

We are associated with the leading service providers for both air and land for shipping our products.


How long will it take to receive my products?

We make our products in small batches to enhance the efficiency of the product and so that our users gets the best care for their skin. Thus we take maximum of 8-10 working days for the product to get delivered, which includes production & delivery time.


Are your products safe & tested?

We are an ISO certified company. We practice good manufacturing practices. All our products have been clinically tested and go through a through user testing before being launched in the market. Also our products are free from Paraben, Sulphates (SLS/SLES), Mineral Oils, Alcohol, Artificial Color, GMO’s, Silicones, PEG’s, Plastic Microbeads, T.E.A, D.E.A, Phthalates and Formaldehyde derivatives. We provide environmentally friendly, sustainable material for packaging.


What is the shell life of your products?

Shelf life of O’rive products, varies from product to product. Please read the expiry information of the product purchased for more details.


How to test for sensitivity or allergy?

Please do a patch test before using. Apply a small quantity of the product on your wrist. Wait for 24 hours for any reactions. like inflammation, redness or itching. Discontinue use if not working.


What are the different modes of payment you accept?

Payment for your orders on the website can be made through all standard Debit Cards, Credit Cards, PayTM, or any other BHIM/UPI wallets


Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

No, We are not currently offering any order purchases through cash on delivery mode.


In which country products are manufactured?

All the products are manufactured in India.


What are the measures you take to ensure the quality of products?

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ExAre your Products organic?ample Title

Yes, all our products are 100% organic. We hand made our product with high quality, certified natural and organic vegetable butters, oils, essential oils and natural extracts.


Are your Products available on retail?

Currently, our products are not available in retail. We are only present digitally but we will update on our website when our products will be available at a store.


Are your Products available on E-commerce sites?

Yes, The O’rive Organics products are currently available on amazon, meesho etc. The products available on this website are absolutely genuine.


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