Clove – The Wonder Bud


Clove – The Wonder Bud

Clove – The Wonder Bud

This tiny spice is a powerhouse and one of the richest sources of antioxidants. It has a high saturation of essential oil and thus less is more when it comes to clove. 

You must have had your grandma or mother recommending Clove for Toothaches, but did you know that cloves work wonders for your skin and body too. 

Whether you want clear Skin or beautiful strong hair or be relieved of body pain, headaches, or have a better digestive system, clove can do it all for you. With high amounts of #antimicrobial and #antiseptic properties, the clove essential oil has the ability to easily absorb into your skin thus removing bacteria and reducing acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties give a soothing effect making your skin look more supple. It can increase blood circulation and help your skin look more radiant. Clove oil can also act as an excellent #exfoliator and a chemical peel that keeps your skin clean and clear.

Here at Orive, we believe that skin care should be a habit and your skin deserves the best #care possible. Hence, our products are formulated with utmost care as we have pledged to help you keep your skin healthy. Check out one of our very own easy DIY’s to help treat your acne prone skin. This DIY is best used as a spot treatment else it might cause irritation. 


  1. Clove powdered 
  2. Honey 

Mix them well and apply directly to your acne spots only. Let it dry for about 15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

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